Kita Flow
Kita Flow is a holistic practice designed to offer our community an authentic, healing and educational experience. We teach a rich vinyasa based sequence of the asana (physical) practice with a strong emphasis on creativity and alignment, incorporating a blend of other lineages, together with pranayama (breath work) and meditation. With a fun group of teachers who bring their own magic to the practice, each class will have a different taste, offering students a truly well rounded and nurturing experience. Expect small class sizes, lots of hands on assists and chilled vibes. 

Kita Sculpt
Ready for the best body ever? Yoga inspired sculpt workout designed to create long, lean and defined muscles. Full body workout with resistance bands, ankle weights and skimmers requiring constant engagement of the core. Intense exercise with small movements and isometric holds incorporating bursts of cardio – you will work muscles you’ve never felt before.  

A quietly challenging yet nourishing practice. Through passive long-held poses, we release deep-seated tension and facilitate energy to flow in all aspects - physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. A practice for all levels! 

Rigorous vinyasa flow exploring the subtleties of fundamental poses with intelligent sequencing, allowing students to move into deeper variations and arm balances and inversions.

A true beginners class with a workshop like structure where students are guided through the practice with detailed and targeted alignment cues. The style and rigour of class will vary depending on the teacher.   

Slower paced vinyasa class with a sprinkling of restorative postures.

Grounding yet energising meditation class, allowing you to bring awareness to your breath, and to be present and mindful. In this class we learn to work with our energy and thoughts, giving us the tools to learn when to acknowledge them, to accept them and to let go of them.

Yoga Therapy
Think restorative and yin yoga combined - an hour of deep and contemplative body work. We will get out the bolsters, blocks, sandbags and straps to assist the body to find deeper places of letting go and expansion. The perfect way to start your Friday. 

Hatha 1
A Hatha yoga class suitable for all levels of experience. In each class we will cover a range of postures (asanas), sun salutations (surya namaskar), breathing exercises (pranayama) and guided relaxation techniques. 

Hatha 2
A more dynamic and rigorous practice in which we will synchronise the breath with the movements and allow for a greater flow of sequences. In this class we will explore the postures and their variations, arm balances and inversions to challenge both the body and mind.